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November 08, 2006


Chris Matthews honk at Keith Olbermann.


Great way to put it. He does honk and honk and honk.

I'd love to be his sidekick on Hardball. I'd have a huge plastic mallet-like thing and when he'd start honking, I'd whap him in the head with it.

Yes, I'm glad the ads are over, too. But, I'm more happy we've got a little balance back.

Honk! Honk! Get out of our way! We're on a roll!

I was very bummed to hear about Duckworth... And I was torn about the gov of IL... no good choices there is you ask me.

Hey Claire, where did you go to college??? You have probably said somewhere in here, but my memory looks like fishnets. Things slip through all the time.

The political commercials in the US Virgin Islands (where as a Territory they get a Representative who carries no vote!)sounded so sweet, they tricked Manny and me in the five days we spent there for his birthday. We kept hearing these reggae-based, sweet-toned rap songs and thinking they must be the radio's top six. Then we listened more carefully to the words. They were all political commercials. Our favorite featured a nice riff with steel drums. The slogans included Be Kind. And: deJoghne for better schools. Team three: We Dream Better.
Almost unable to believe it, we asked a few islanders, who told us civility mattered to them...not that everyone was always honest, but they did otherwise treat each other decently.

Grasshopper, that's how election ads should be! Someone joked to me the other day how you could tell if the ad would be positive or negative by the leading music. Why is it that all smear ads use the same heavy-handed minor chords?

I am proud to be a woman, today, though. Damn straight, second in line for the presidency!

For me, the win for Bob Casey was bittersweetness. On one hand, I started and ended my career in politics in that congressional district he won. Thus, I have some insider anger. Sherwood was a redneck without a clue. He deserved to be there as much as the crook who went before him for 32 years, Joe McDade.

However, Bob Casey is no charmer either. His father took Planned Parenthood to the woodshed in 1992. The Casey family of the Green Ridge section of Scranton needs to learn that outside of Scranton, women have rights and voices.

I'll take the win, but much like Claire, I will sit back and watch carefully hoping for a vote out by a stronger democrat down the road.

I am so happy for my good 'ol state of Montana! You are right, it is a great change from the past elections. The only elections I have been able to vote in have turned out badly, so yay for change!

Can I just tell you how very, very happy I am about these elections? Do you know what it is like to live in a part of the world where everyone HATES your government?

I was watching OH district 15 too, remembering the day Deborah Pryce came to talk to our 8th grade class in DC.

Bummer for Kilroy, but seeing as that is the only thing I wasn't happy with, it was a pretty great election!

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